Lianabel Rosario, CEO of Cover Slim

Mrs. Lianabel Rosario was born in Puerto Rico. Since 1986, being in the talent industry in productions, pageants and more. As a businesswoman who owns a finishing and a talent academy, for over 30 years. Lianabel continues in the industry as Mother Agent and added Cover Slim to Lianabel International, Inc. With new technology to look & feel younger in a natural way.  Cover Slim is LED Light Therapy, discovered by NASA and Approved by FDA. "I personally use LED Light Therapy for facelift, facial rejuvenation, pain relief, tightness & waist buster." With the background of beauty and LED Light Therapy, Lianabel educates, promote, guide and support you with integrity and professionalism to get your goal.  Officially Certify of Operation Technician of LED Light Therapy.

John Willard Florer, VP, LED Light Therapy Certified & Operation Manager


Mr. John Willard Florer was born in Central Florida. Mr. Florer has over 30 years in the medical arena. Owning a DME "Durable Medical Equipment" company for 20 years, located in Orlando & Tampa. He supplied patient’s homes, Hospitals, Fire Departments, Alf's, Nursing Homes, Navy Hospital, Physicians, Veterinarians, etc. Mr. Florer has received several awards from local business & nonprofits due to giving his time & generous donations to help make people life's a better one. Mr. Florer added on a new division by adding medical, industrial gasses to local businesses. Mr. Florer sold the family business in 2000.


Entertainment: Mr. Florer been singing & acting since elementary school. Mr. Florer appeared in movies, commercials, productions, modeling, improv, voice over's and soundtracks to his credits.


Community Service: 2005 / Mr. Florer donates his time & money to BSA "Boy Scouts of America." Starting as his sons Cub Master, Cub Master Roundtable, Family Chair & retired as the BSA Poinciana Commissioner. 2004 / One of Mr. Florer son's was diagnose at the age of 3 with Type 1 Diabetes. His family became involved with JDRF "Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation" the Central Florida Chapter. Mr. Florer was soon asked if he would volunteer for the "First Aid Chair" in which he still is honored holding the chair. Mr. Florer is very passionate in finding a cure.


Back in 2016, John read about LED Light Therapy & was very intrigued. He read Light Therapy was developed by NASA to grow plants in space. It worked so well that NASA teamed up with Universities & Hospitals to find out what other amazing benefits it can bring to the human body. NASA is using Light Therapy on the space station. The astronauts are being bombarded by radiation. LED Light Therapy heals our skin & tissues. NASA & the Navy Seals are using LED Light Therapy for wound care, pain relief, tissue repair etc. Mr. Florer became certified with LED Light Therapy on 12/17/2016. Mr. Florer uses LED Light Therapy for Facelift, Skin Rejuvenation, Hair Growth & Age Spots.



Carmen E. Cardenas,  Assistance Technician of Light Therapy


Carmen, is Hispanic with 35 years experience with patients.  She's very professional wth being a Dental Assistant. Her duties are, preparing patients, sterilizing  instruments, setting up instruments and preparing the  materials used in dental procedures; keeping the patient’s mouth free of debris during the procedures, handing the dentist the appropriate instruments; taking intra oral dental digital X-Rays in accordance with all guidelines to ensure patient safety,  made preliminary impressions and for bleaching trays and mastered pouring and trimming casts exceptional ability to assure outstanding customer service.   Reliable and flexible, strongly developed interpersonal skills; CPR, BOTOX, HIPPA, ITERO certified,  With experience in the entertainment industry as professional model, Carmen discovered LED Light Therapy for her skin, body shape and more at Cover Slim.  With the excellent experience she started learning more about it and receiving training to manage, guide and support the LED light therapy for our clients.  

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