Love Handles: 2 Services / 6 Sessions


Most of us are familiar with the life long struggle with weight loss. Just like you I've done many diets successfully and unseccessfully.  During this process there was one constant that remained no matter how much weight I lose and that was fat deposits in specific areas. When my weight went down those areas did get smaller, but they were still there.


After a few therapy with Cover Slim, I felt the difference in the way some of my clothe felt before I could notice it with my eyes. I've completed a series of sessiona and for the first time in years after dieting stopped working my weight started dropping and I've lost measurable inches in some problems areas. This is not 10lbs of loss in 10lbs type of deal, I've had those, and  the weight can come back faster than you lost it, plus I didn't change my diet. I'm gratefull to John and the team at Cover Slim for a viable solution to address and issue I've sturggle with for decades and I'll continue with them until I get to the physical goals which seemed impossible to me not so long ago.



Knee Pain: 2 Services / Sessions

I have just receive my first healing treatment from Light Therapy and I am actually having great difficulty articulating the amazing scope and ability of healing just one session has reparied on this physical body and in my mind. I believe we have been living in the dark ages. This amazing Light Therapy has been hindered from us. Now that the veils of this rarity have been lifted. So have the veils of possibliities. This is the most amazing and complete form of healing I have discovered.  Light Therapy has healed one of the most complicated joint of the human anatomy. I had ligment and menescus injuries. Light has tightened, repaired and strengthened the entire knee joint.  




Waist Buster: 3 Services / 9 Sessions

I became a mother for the 3rd time, my lower belly  was like 4 month of pregnacy and no waist at all...After LED Light Therapy, Waist Buster, I recover my waist again and loss 21 7/8 inches of fat. Thank you Cover Slim




Cellulite: 1 Service / 3 Sessions

I am a diabetic since I was 8 years old and insulin dependant.  I inject lacteus 4 times daily.  I'm 21 & long time getting insuline in my side and front of my thighs. I was developing balls creating a cellulite in the area.  It was very uncofortable and I was trying serveral times to remove but imposible.  Thank you Cover Slim...I have no balls & no more Cellulite...



Facelift: 2 Services / 6 sessions


I'm so happy with the Cover Slim Service, I saw the results the same day of my first treatment... now I look younger and don't have to worry applying makeup highly recommend.



Heal Pain: 1 service / 3 sessions


I had pain in my heal and foot, but I didn't know what to do.  I received 3 sessions of LED Light Therapy and most of my pain is gone. Thank you to Cover Slim for all you do.  


Flor Morrobel "Waste Buster":


I'm writing you to express my sincere gratitude for all you have done for me. You have literally saved my life. When I came to you…I felt hopeless. I was weak, off balance, extremely overweight & had no energy during the day.  Today, I am virtually headache free, 20 pounds lighter & feel great! I know I have a lot more to go but I am glad I choose Cover Slim to motivate me in reaching my goal. I would always recommend you to anyone. You not only have a fantastic ability as a doctor but a wonderful caring attitude. Thank you again.


Cover Slim want's to thank our clients for their testomonies. They are availbale to speak to anyone about their experiences.   Cover Slim are here to help everyone who wants to look & feel younger.     

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